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For many years I have visited Camera Clubs and Photographic Societies, both as a lecturer and a judge.

I am on "A" list of judges of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain. A few years ago I was asked to lead a seminar on judging, and wrote a booklet on the subject to go with it. It is still available, and has recently been fully revised.
Please email me for details.

I am now regularly involved with seminars for prospective judges within the Western Counties Photographic Federation.

I have 4 current lectures.
  "Looking at Photographs" is an in-depth discussion of how to look critically at photographs. I don't recall such a lecture ever being presented, so hopefully it might fill a gap, especially for would-be judges. 
  “Vinegar and Chips” is a record of my photographic transition from the Darkroom to the Computer. 
They’re both PowerPoint presentations and require a laptop and projector. They have received many favourable comments and are proving very popular with Camera Clubs.
  "When The Well Runs Dry" is an evening full of ideas to kick-start your photography when the well of inspiration dries up. From photobooks to exhibitions: there's something for every club member to remember.
  "People in Photographs".  An evening full of people: selfies, streets, candid, bizarre, formal and family.

Club Secretaries: please contact me to make a booking.    

I have taught photography at City & Guilds level, and also led courses on portrait photography. I am happy to teach any photography-related skill to a small group or on an individual basis.

Looking at Photos, Dublin